Rael is tall and slender youth late teens at best with silvery blond hair nearly white in color. He is dressed as a Thuland commoner although his accent clearly state him as a foreigner.



Rael is in his late teens, no older then eighteen. He is quite tall about six foot and is of medium built, his body is muscular and lean. Some may consider him attractive with pug nose and a small shaped chin. His face are long and hard, his coal black eyes glint with strange fire under his blond eyebrows, his shoulder blade length mane of silvery blond hair is kept in a braid. He walk with a grace of a cat, his feet almost make no noise as he walk. Rael is dressed with typical Tuland traveling garbs and furs. A sword is strapped across his back and he has a dagger in his belt. Across his chest there is sash with several throwing knives tucked inside.


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