• Adonis Campbell

    Adonis Campbell

    Sir Adonis Campbell, Knight of Albion and third son of the current Baron Campbell is a man with a problem. He's pretty you see, possessed of a figure so classical as to cross the line into caricature - standing just shy of an intimidating two metres he
  • Beren Sigilchyr

    Beren Sigilchyr

    Short, with a fat girdle, a chubby, hook-nosed face, his health visibly gone in a youth pouring over dusty tomes, the eyes of this man betray an above-average intelligence...
  • Brakkus the Hermit

    Brakkus the Hermit

    Brakkus is a man in his sixties, but still hale. He wears a tattered cloak over ring mail armour of antique design. His once white hair and beard are dirty and matted and he smells of sour, old sweat. None the less he has a certain grandeur and the fervou
  • Eldor Leaf-Fall

    Eldor Leaf-Fall

    Tall and thin with a wiry athletic body, Eldor moves with a fluid grace of his Elven heritage. His young looking face is pale and his blond hair is long and flowing.
  • Harou Urou

    Harou Urou

    Harou is a hardy barbarian from the Gnawing Waste. He is average sized youth of 23 summers, with pale skin, yellowish hair and dark eyes. A wicked looking scar mars one side of his face, from forehead to jawline.
  • Karl Borensson

    Karl Borensson

    Karl is a 19 year old, pale looking lad, with thin blonde hair. and the beginning of a thin beard on his chin. His equipment and arms are not in the best of condition, but serviceable. His gaze could be described as earnest, and perhaps thoughtful.
  • Rael


    Rael is tall and slender youth late teens at best with silvery blond hair nearly white in color. He is dressed as a Thuland commoner although his accent clearly state him as a foreigner.
  • Thane Snurkel

    Thane Snurkel

    Thane of Athelsham
  • Thomas Keith

    Thomas Keith

    Thomas Keith stands a hand span short of two meters with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He has the stout build of a man who has had good food and care during his life, the stature of a knight. His face is handsome in a rugged sort of way with a few
  • Brejgun Kregnason

    Brejgun Kregnason

    A local lad, a viking warrior of ... no great repute. Not yet, anyway. Left without a hall by dire events, he struggles through the wilds of both nature and society to find a new place to belong to.