In the northern Elleslandic nation of Thuland live warriors and pillagers, something between our own world’s Scots and Vikings. Warring between each other at times, and raiding other lands often, the jarls settle down during winter, as the snow makes travel and war significantly harder. Winter is slowly retreating under the sun now, and spring is about to settle in when this adventure begins. The melting snow reveals more than just the ground however and ancient evils stir as nature is awakened by spring.

The game is a PBP played on RPOL and you can join it here – its free! The campaign has been going since 2008 and has eight regular (and a few more irregular) players. Please note that although the Adventure Log has not yet been updated till today (May 2010) the game is still going very strong and new players are welcome.

We are using the revised (1.1) version of the Dragon Warriors rules – see However anyone who is familiar with the original (Corgi books) rules will have no trouble playing as the differences are small.

Anyone who has played older versions of D&D (Basic, Advanced, 1e, 2e) should also have no trouble learning the system. For later versions of D&D see:

You can get a free introduction to the rules at: And there are several rules summaries and game aid sheets available at:

N.B. far to the south of Thuland lies the Albish village of Karickbridge which is the setting for another DW campaign...

The Thuland Campaign

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